Hi all,
        I was wondering if anyone of you have a solution
For this dilemma.
I have a collectin of product DTOs to show on my jsp. One of 
DTO's property is, let's say, the type, which is listed in number.
(let's say, 10 or 20).
ON the DTO I will have the value 10,20 ecc but on the jsp I have to
The corresponding string (let's say, HouseProduct or Car or something
else) which is listed in application.resources.

I am looping thru the collection using logic:iterate, and
as I have found out myself, following code does not work

<bean:message key='prompt.productType.<bean:write name="product"

basically in app.resources I will have


above, I am outputting the message   prompt.productType.(productType)

how can I solve my dilemma, keeping in mind that I am using also
logic:iterate to loop thru the collection?

With best regards

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