Sort of a templating system, based on the usual design patterns:
Template, Attribute-Value, etc... (don't remember the exact names, but
I'm confident you all know what I mean)  :-)


There are different entities whose (type's) properties are stored as
attributes that are grouped and related altogether by an entity type
(the "Template"). Therefore, the name and number of properties may vary
from entity type to entity type.


In order to manage (paint, enter data, store, etc...) this model, I
understand there is something in Struts called indexed properties. Is
that what I need to implement the right solution? Are there any best
practices to solve the typical issues associated to this paradigm (data
flow and validation, mainly)?


I've implemented this before; however, the first time I try to do on a
Struts-based application.


All suggestion are welcome.




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