i shall my two cents to this, do read the article on onlamp.com and go
though the source code as well. i just had to do the same this morning to
refresh my log4j skills.

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> > Hi Guys
> > I am facing a problem in configuration apaches common logger using
> > weblogic8.1.I want to send all my log message to a perticular
> > file.I am
> > using Common logger for my logging message.How to configure
> > Pls let me know
> The simple logger that is included in the commons logging package doesn't
> support logging to a file, just to the console. You need to understand
> it is primarily intended to provide the common logging API (the simple
> logger is included just to get you started) and then you configure it to
> whatever logging facility under the covers that you want to. Most people
> log4j, but, you could also use the native logging support in JDK 1.4 or
> greater.
> I recommend configuring to use log4j. I also recommend taking the time to
> read the short intro manual to log4j found here:
> http://tinyurl.com/3hlrq
> I recently posted the contents of a simple log4j configuration file that
> does have an example of the necessary configuration to write log messages
> both to the console and to file. Check the list archives for a recent post
> on logging by me. I use this setup with Tomcat and Weblogic. The one
> configuration difference I found is that Weblogic doesn't like relative
> paths for location of log files and Tomcat handles that just fine.
> Good luck, Van
> Mike "Van" Riper
> Silicon Valley Struts User Group
> http://www.baychi.org/bof/struts/
> P.S. You can either remove the commons logging properties file or
> configure it to use log4j. As long as you setup log4j properly in your
> runtime environment, the commons logging logic will use it by default
> you have a commons logging properties file that explicitly specifies a
> different logger implementation.
> > Thanks
> > Sougata
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