> I am trying to display a value from a requestAttribute in an <html-el:text
> ...> but I can't get it to work.  Here is my code:
> <html-el:text: property="searchType"
> value="<%=request.getAttribute("searchType")%>"/>
> I recieve the error:
> "Attribute searchType has no value"
> Someone told me I have to do something more like this:
> <html-el:text property="searchType" value="${searchType}"/>
> but where would I define the variable searchType that is accessed there?
> I tried defining a local string variable called "searchType" hoping its
> value would be passed in, but no luck.  Just hitting a wall on what I'm
> hoping is a pretty simple issue.  I googled this one for a while with no
> luck before coming here.  Thanks!,
> Jim

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