W dniu 30.11.2016 o 19:19, Javier pisze:

Hi, just as I explained. There isn't any mistery ;)

This time I did without a .lnk shortcut to avoid any possible
problems with the path where should being executed. Just in case. So
all through cmd ran from the stunnel path.

I attach the example.conf used with an error already crafted just to
test it and the log (removed from the point it loads the default
stunnel.conf, instead example.conf).


1.- stunnel.exe example.conf
2.- stunnel.exe brings the alert box with an error and stops
3.- edit example.conf manually or through "Configuration > Edit
Configuration" menu
4.- reload the configuration through
"Configuration > Reload Configutarion" menu
5.- stunnel loads by itself stunnel.conf instead example.conf


Thank you for your testing effort and for your feedback.
Could you try to update stunnel to the latest 5.39 beta version.
The GUI works there better and reloads stunnel with the custom .conf even if it is not loaded correctly.



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