I added a number of additional dives to my log over the weekend, and every
single attempt to save resulted in the "Authentication to cloud storage
failed" error. Checking https://cloud.subsurface-divelog.org/ strongly
implied that the data was saved successfully, but since I couldn't be sure
that all of the details were included (as the website doesn't display
everything) I would then followup with *Save to cloud storage*... a minimum
of 2 attempts was required in each case, before I was able to get a "clean"
save. The network was solid and fast, and no other applications were
encountering any issues.

I don't mean to be a downer (and I fully understand that I'm not owed
anything here), but it seems to me that this bug should be worth a point
release. I've recommended Subsurface to several people, and the "ignore any
save errors... it's a known issue, and likely - but not definitively - a
false alarm" discussion gets awkward rather quickly.

On Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 8:25 PM, Adric Norris <landstander...@gmail.com>

> Is anyone else frequently seeing the following error when saving changes?
> Authentication to cloud storage failed.
> Cannot sync with cloud server, working with offline copy.
> While this sometimes seems to be legitimate, often the error is displayed
> even though the changes appear to have been saved successfully. For example
> I'll change the Notes text for a recent dive and save (File -> Save), which
> triggers the error. I then look it up my dives on
> https://cloud.subsurface-divelog.org, and (frequently, but not always)
> find that the changed text is indeed present. Attempting to save multiple
> times in a row or choosing "Save to cloud storage" will sometimes complete
> without error, but it's very inconsistent.
> This has been going on for awhile but I'd been assuming it was an issue
> with my home network, or notebook installation... I'm running Ubuntu 16.04
> (Xenial), with Subsurface installed from the PPA. However I recently
> upgraded Subsurface (from either 4.5.2 or 4.5.3, IIRC) on my sister's
> macbook while we were visiting family, and she encountered the same stream
> of errors when saving her first new dive... we ended up trying to save
> about 4 times, before being confident all was well. Since the notebook, OS,
> and network were all different, I now believe this to be a more general
> issue.
> Any idea how I can help to troubleshooting the issue? I'm happy to do
> whatever I can, but am not really sure where to begin.
> Thanx!

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