The latest patch allowing setting the deco model in the preferences needs to set the initial choice of deco model. In my Subsurface, it starts up with a default of VPM-B.

In .config/Subsurface/Subsurface.conf there is a line as follows:

So I am not sure where the discrepancy arises. I created a Bühlmann dive plan and saved it, closed Subsurface and restarted it. Still starts with VPM-B. When I open the planner, the default is still VPM-B.

Of course, activating the Bühlmann setting in the preferences changes ceiling calculation to Bühlmann in the dive view, but in the dive planner the default is still VPM-B.

Your patch made a big improvement, thanks Robert.

I hope this gives enough information to track down the problem.
Kind regards,

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