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> Hallo Matthias, hello Anton,
> Am 03.03.2018 um 16:24 schrieb Matthias Heinrichs:
> > Hi Stefan,
> >
> > The OSTC Plus can be seen as an OSTC3 or OSTC2 with Bluetooth. There
> > are only three types of current OSTC: OSTC with hwOS Tec and USB port
> > -> FTDI drivers, OSTC with Bluetooth and hwOS Tec and OSTC with
> > Bluetooth and hwOS Sport.
> >

As far as I've know, there is no difference in the communication, if its
done over bluetooth or ftdi-usb-serial. In subsurface case its all
transparent. Also, as far as i've know and from previous discussions
with Matthias and Co, hwOS Tec and hwOS Sport should just behave the
same way when trying to configure them, and hwOS Sport just ignores the
bits it doesn't "understand".

The odd child in the bunch is the OSTC4. Its a slightly different
protocol, with config variables meaning slightly different things.

> I read this as: We can add the OSTC Plus in the list together with the
> OSTC 2/3/Sport/cR and it should work?!

We should probably add the OSTC 2 TR to. There are quite a few config
variables thats new and should to be added to.

I haven't had the time to keep up with all the new interesting things
thats landed in hwos lately.


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