After Anton's current PR dealing with PSCR code has been pulled, I plan, as a SECOND step, to incorporate (again) the display of OC_pO2 with the PSCR pO2 graph. OC-equivalent pO2 has a role very similar to setpoint for CCR dives. It allows the evaluation of the pO2 drop over the mouthpiece, probably the most important gas management activity for PSCR. Taking into account Anton's strong preference that the setpoint variable should not be 'abused' for PSCR dive profiles, I will then not use the setpoint variable at all. So my plan would be:

1) Create a new PartialPressureGasitem element, starting with the qt diveplotmodel and using createPPgas() in profilewidget2.cpp

2) Contol its display by setting its setVisible attribute.

Does this sound like a useful approach at all? In this way the setpoint vaiable is not involved at all.

The THIRD step would then be to implement bailout events and display gas pressures as a function of whether the diver is on the loop or on bailout. This would probably affect the CCR code as well. There is a separate thread on this topic on this mail list.

Does this approach appear at least semi-useful?

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