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> > A setpoint change to 0 is sort of a clever hack which just works for
> > planed/setpoint-only CCR dives, and not for CCR dives with po2-sensors,
> > or SCR dives.
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> > I'd suggest we clean that up into some bailout sematics which works for
> > both SCR and CCR code, with or without o2 sensors.
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> > If we implement that as a divemode switching event, a gaschange event
> > with some special flags, i don't really have a opinion until i see a
> > real suggestion. Nothing says we can't have a gaschange event which
> > switches to the same gas as we're currently using...
> You could always interpret „gas switch“ not as „switch of gas in cylinder“ 
> but as „switch of breathing gas“ as that what PSCR divers experience when 
> going from the loop to OC.
> I would say, the main difference is to make „PSCR mode“ not a global thing 
> for a dive but more local in time. Note that this is already the case for 
> „CCR mode“: We have set point that can change over time with 0 indicating OC 
> and „CCR mode“ in a more strict sense (as in the combo box) is simply a dive 
> that has at least at some part non-zero set-point (but we don’t use that to 
> determine the breathing gas at any moment).
> Does that make sense?


But, currently we're using gaschange events to represent the switching
of OC gas _AND_ the switching of diluent, and we're using setpoint to
switch between CCR-setpoints and OC, if we're not using pO2 sensors.

Intertwining PSCR mode with all of that just doesn't make sense.

I'd suggest we just convert the whole thing into a mode switch event,
and let that switch between OC, CCR and PSCR, independent of everything
else. That could be implemented as a bailout event between whatever mode
you're in and OC, or a dedicated mode switch event.

Ie CCR + bailout -> OC on you're current diluent, and so on.


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