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> What's our best bet to create a process to do this?
> Ask people to send their dive computers to Linus? Tempting, but maybe
> not as scalable as one might hope.

Yeah. Especially since I wouldn't be very motivated by most dive
computers. I've not been all that excited about the Mares ones I've
seen: the Icon HD is ok, but I had issues with the screen.

> Instructions how to create a BLE trace (I guess on Android?)?

Yeah, but we know how easy _that_ can be, particularly since Android 8
(or something) apparently broke the documented ways by hiding the
trace. So you can get a trace, but _accessing_ that trace is
apparently impossible now.

(Or maybe google fixed it? I haven't tried).

But yes, at a minimum we'd need a BLE trace of a successful download,
and the BLE GATT descriptor listing (getting *that* is a pain too, the
best approach seems to be "use Nordic's nRF connect, and then expand
all the descriptors, and take screen shots", which isn't very
user-friendly either.

So both of those are somewhat painful for your average user that
doesn't really know anything about BLE.

We were very lucky with Berthold and the Aladin Sport. He did his own
fake GATT server and tricked the LogTrak mobile app to talk to his
desktop and got some traces that way.  With *that* kind of expertise
on the user side, supporting the result was pretty easy. He did all of
the heavy lifting himself.

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