On 11 April 2018 at 10:53, Peter Zaal <peter.z...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have the same issue with downloading from my Petrel 2 on my Huawei P8
> (Android 6.0). I can pair with my phone but Subsurface often sees only a BLE
> device (an LE: address).
> After a lot of times unpairing, pairing again, restarting subsurface,
> sometimes disabling and reenabling BT on the phone, than suddenly it works
> and I can download. I didn't find yet the sequence when and how it starts
> working however.

Thanks Peter,

My question, among the others, was:

Once the download starts and an error occurs, Subsurface UI should
exit the download eventually signaling the error.
From what I can see from my logs (English translation between
parenthesis are mine) I get :

"143.271: dive #18 dom 24 set 2017 11:29"
"LocalDeviceBroadcastReceiver::onReceive() - event:
QMutex: destroying locked mutex
Executing queued closeSocket()
AppState changed to inactive with no save ongoing and unsaved changes
"Save changes to local cache"
Sincronizzazione dei dati in corso (ongoing data sinc)
preparazione al salvataggio dei dati (preparing to save data)
Inizio salvataggio dei dati (starting saving data)
Inizio salvataggio delle immersioni (starting saving dives)
AppState changed to active with save ongoing and unsaved changes
AppState changed to suspended with save ongoing and unsaved changes
Creazione della cache locale riuscita
QEGLPlatformContext: eglSwapBuffers failed: 300d
done saving to git local / remote

I'm not a  developer but from logs it's like the downloading thread
has successfully stopped and some of the dives are being saved
somewhere... But even restarting Subsurface nothing has changed into
my dive list.
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