App Information:
App Name: Subsurface-mobile
App Version: 2.0.3 (
Installed App Version: 2.0.3 (

Device Information:
Device: iPad5,3
iOS Version: 11.3
Language: en-GB (English (United Kingdom))
Carrier: N/A
Timezone: BST
Architecture: N/A
Connection Status: WiFi
Paired Apple Watch: N/A

Loaded new version onto iPad and iPhone se both running ios11.3.

On start both systems reset my subsurface data and sent out a pin request. 
Pressed cancel and tried no cloud but there was no local data.  Ended up 
reloading from cloud.

Restarted subsurface and it went back to cloud credentials again.

There is a file called subsurface but it doesn’t open with anything on my 
phone or is empty although shows 2k in size

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