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On 13 June 2018 at 02:06, Steve <stevewilli...@internode.on.net> wrote:
> Yes they were paired and setup in the OS, just to be sure I removed both them 
> and set them up again and then started again but got the exact same results.

thanks for re-checking.
"Remote device cannot be found" means that the BLE address passed to the 
backend code is invalid or empty.
what else you can do here is verify that the addresses for this device match in 
Subsurface and the "BLE explorer" app.
assuming that you are entering the correct BLE address, then this could be bug, 
but it might be difficult to catch why given i can't reproduce this locally.

haven't had time to do more testing / debugging here myself. maybe later this 


I just checked the OSTC3+ (see attachment) and I don't have the Petrel2 with me 
as I generally don't unplug it from the CCR so that will have to wait till 
tonight but I am fairly certain it is passing the correct address.

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