I see that the Swedish translation is in progress, so I'll take my dog for a 
walk before cutting 4.8.3 :-)

If anyone else is working on translations or anything else that should make it 
for 4.8.3, please respond soon so I can make sure I include this.

Also, for those of you doing translations, a draft announcement is on Transifex 
as well (thanks to our Dutch, Spanish, and German teams for already translating 
that one as well as the new announcement of the public beta channel for iOS).

I haven't seen many reports on the last round of test binaries. The reality is 
that likely this just wasn't enough time for people to take a look. But it's 
either "I release this in the next two hours" or "heck knows when I'll have 
time to do it". So I'll cut the release and hope for the best :-)

In the meantime I have fixed the Fedora build issue (as I assumed, my own 
Windows BLE doesn't quite work yet, so I'll put this on hold for a few hours 
until after this release.

Thanks everyone!

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