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The SD card cannot do everything the Journal can do, [...]
This is something that we should fix. The way the SD card / USB stick support works (in Sugar 0.82.1 on the XO) has bugged me for the past few days (e.g. only FAT filesystems will be usable from inside the Journal).
Maybe it could work roughly like the following (just a brain dump):
- automount everything, with UUID-based access (/media/by-uuid/<uuid>) in addition to the current name-based access (/media/<name>[_<increment>]) - use "flag files" (empty file with well-known name, e.g. ".sugar_datastore_ignore") on the filesystem to filter it out from the Journal (so it doesn't index/show the wwwoffle cache) - let the user unmount Journal-monitored filesystems from the command line (regular umount doesn't work because the fs is busy)

This way SD cards and USB sticks can be used as both a Journal expansion and low-level storage expansion (using symlinks to /media/by-uuid/...), even in parallel (on the same device).

[book reading activity]
[...] it would store meta info for the books, as well as the content type of the book (which the MIME type by itself would not be enough to do).
What do you mean with "content type" if the MIME type is not enough (but apparently closely related)?

CU Sascha


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