On Sat, May 02, 2009 at 08:08:29AM -0400, p...@laptop.org wrote:
> sounds like there is, but to be sure:  it's easy for people to
> remove or disable if they don't like having a stopped clock on
> their screen during idle suspend on an XO?

The clock refreshes itself when the Frame is shown, so it's no worse
than the wireless, wired, speaker, battery, clipboard, friends list,
etc. icons stopping when idle suspend happens :).

But I take your point...the answer is: no, it's not easy (with my
simple patch).  I'm not sure what the behavior should be (hide on
idle?!, come out of suspend once a minute?!), really.  I'm quite
tempted to say: it's just as fine as the battery icon not updating
during idle suspend.

When we come *out* of idle suspend the clock should update, and I bet
it currently does not.  That seems like a more serious problem with my

> paul


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