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>> After
>> our first deployment here in Afghanistan, we had to reinstall a lot of
>> laptops because students accidentally deleted most of their activities.
> I think this is a great example of why we need to make a no-regressions
> XO-1 build with 0.84.  Among its many new features, 0.84 adds direct file
> transfer capability, which means that if you delete an activity, you can
> easily have a friend send it to you over the network.

and with 0.86, and 0.88, ... ;)

I know that Martin Dengler, Chris, Sebastian and Paul are working on
some of what is required in their free time, but lots of help is still
required. I'm particularly concerned about the kernel bits that aren't
upstreamed yet.

Also, pushing the mesh stuff into NM upstream should be quite low
hanging fruit, anybody is willing to take this task? Sjoerd has a
patch that is almost approved by Dan Williams, shouldn't take much
finishing this up.

In the meantime, if deployers of 0.82 like Paraguay, Uruguay,
Afghanistan and Nepal wish to join forces and do a 8.2.2 build with
the biggest deficiencies fixed, it may benefit a lot without much fuss
being involved.



> It is abundantly clear that OLPC is not going to do this work for us.
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