Tomeu Vizoso wrote:
On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 12:40, Bernie Innocenti <> wrote:
On 05/20/09 23:29, NoiseEHC wrote:
When I tried jhbuild what I found strange that it does not detect the
Linux distro so I had to manually enter commands as it was specified on
the wiki. Can we get rid of that? (I have no idea how to detect the
distro or how to automate that just to let you know this fact...)
You mean for installing dependencies?  This requires root privileges, so
jhbuild can't do it on its own.

Besides, we used to have some distro-specific dependency check in the
past, but I someone (marcopg?) ripped it off, probably because it was a
pita to maintain.

Wasn't ripped off, but improved, we check for system dependencies in
the supported platforms like this:

./sugar-jhbuild depscheck

This will tell you which packages to install with yum/apt-get/etc.

How can we make this more obvious?



For example by autodetecting the Linux distro, it could create a full command line. Of course, if it could be automated then it should just say something: "The following dependencies are missing: <long list here>. To install them, type in your root password: <type here>".
Of course if it would be a lot of work you should not waste your time in it.
And why shall I run jhbuild 3 times anyway? It could have a default option when it does an "update" then "depscheck" and then a "build"...

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