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When I tried jhbuild what I found strange that it does not detect the Linux distro so I had to manually enter commands as it was specified on the wiki.
That must have been quite some time ago as sugar-jhbuild does detect the distro (using lsb-release) since before I started maintaining it. I also purged outdated instructions some time ago.

If your distro isn't detected (i.e. "./sugar-jhbuild depscheck" is giving an error) then either a) something is broken (recently happened for Fedora because of the Rawhide -> F11 switchover, but has already been fixed) or
b) you don't have lsb-release installed or
c) it's currently unknown/unsupported (i.e. not one of Debian squeeze/sid, Fedora 10/11, Ubuntu intrepid/jaunty).

CU Sascha


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