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xulrunner now fails to build with gcc 4.4 (in F11) because of a tiny
error in an #elif directive. Is there a way in jhbuild to apply patches
to sources?
Take a look at the telepathy-gabble definition. Other modules try to apply patches as well but actually don't because they're using the wrong syntax. (*)

xulrunner is also one of the worst compile time hog we have.  If we
could only build it on distros that require it, it would save a lot of
trouble to a lot of developers.
+5. See [1] for what you can do to change that. ;)

I'd vote for disabling it now and lazily wait to see if someone
complains before actually adding a workaround.
You mean you want to break Browse for Debian (the only system where we actually compile xulrunner ourselves)? No icecream for you :-P

4) We could check for prerequisites before starting the build.  Some
configure scripts are stupid enough to fail tests silently and proceed
anyway using "no" as a command name in make :-)
Do you mean we should run "./sugar-jhbuild depscheck" before each build or is it not working at all for you? In the former case, I would recommend against at, as depscheck is rather slow. In the latter case, please provide more details (distro version, exact error output, lsb_release output, ...).

(*) I've not yet had time to check whether these patches should actually be applied. Seems like it has been broken for quite some time (if it ever worked), so the patches are likely to be stale.
[1] http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/137

CU Sascha


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