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For example by autodetecting the Linux distro, it could create a full command line. Of course, if it could be automated then it should just say something: "The following dependencies are missing: <long list here>. To install them, type in your root password: <type here>".
Certainly possible, though I have some thoughts regarding the details (e.g. the user shouldn't ever type any password into a random program). Please file a feature request upstream (i.e. at Gnome).

And why shall I run jhbuild 3 times anyway? It could have a default option when it does an "update" then "depscheck" and then a "build"...
Actually you only need to run it two times, as the "update" part is redundant:

(Note that build will update first anyway, so run update separately if you want to see what changed more easily.)

I agree it's a bit buried, improvements are welcome.
Regarding doing a default macro consisting of depscheck + build, it's a good idea. Please file a bug at dev.sugarlabs.org against sugar-jhbuild so I don't forget about it. Patches are welcome, of course (take a look at sjhbuild/main.py). :)

[1] http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Development_Team/Jhbuild#Other_commands

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