Dear Sugar Community,

After the dust of the 0.84 release has been settled we like to clean up 
the database. With each new Sucrose release comes some bug tracker 
housekeeping. This e-mail is designed to let you know about the things 
we ask you to do until May 27, 2009:

Submitters: Please go through all the open bugs you have submitted. If 
some information has been requested - please provide this information. 
If the bug does not apply anymore - feel free to close it and leave a 
short note.

Owners: Please go through the bugs you own and update them accordingly. 
If the bugs marked 0.84 still apply - please move them to the 0.86 


Triage day: Wednesday - 27th of May 2009 - 16.00 (UTC)

- going through the list of 0.86 bugs and see if there are things that 
needs to be added explicitly to the Roadmap.
- cleaning up left overs

Thanks for reading,
    Simon (for the BugSquad Team [1])

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