On 05/23/09 19:16, Bernie Innocenti wrote:
> I couldn't get this to boot, it hangs some time after the grub menu.
> But it might be because qemu is broken in Fedora 11.

Oh, wait!  It was just damn slow because I wasn't using kvm (permissions

Now I could test it, and it looks good, modulo the bugs that Tomeu and
Gary reported.  TurtleArt would work for me, but the window was

I'd say: let's switch early in the 0.86 release cycle, as soon as we've
shaked the major bugs, so activity maintainers have time to fix the
remaining issues in their code.

The only thing I didn't like very much is memory usage: 21MB VIRT, 10MB
RSS.  But I suppose we can't do much about it.

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