> I hope this anwers your question,
>    Simon

Unfortunately it does not. What I wanted to know whether I will be able 
to use the latest Sugar on my XO-1 ever. It boots the kernel with 802 so 
it is a working Linux distribution. If somehow I copy the latest Sugar 
over the old Sugar (0.82 I think) will it work? If it does not work then 
will anybody port it? What I see is that OLPC has very few developers so 
probably this porting work will be out of question but will Sugar people 
make any effort or would it be just wasting their time where the XO-1.5 
is almost finished?

If overwriting the old Sugar works on an XO-1 then an unzippable 
"distribution" what could be applied to 802 would be just fine...
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