Tomeu was quicker in his response than me...

As Simon said, the current plan for *both* the XO-1 and the XO-1.5 in
regard to Sugar support is to build upon the work that OLPC and the
Fedora communities are doing towards getting a stock Fedora
distribution running on the hardware. Sugar would be packaged on top
of that. The current expectation is that this would happen in the F12
time frame, coincident with the planned Sugar 0.86 release. As far as
porting Sugar 0.84 natively to the XO-1 hardware, this would require a
fair amount of work--beyond simply copying the Sugar files. I am
unaware of anyone working on that port. An interim solution is to run
Sugar on a Stick. Alternatively, DSD and the Paraguay team have done a
nice job of repackaging OLPC's 802 build to include some of the
improvements from Sugar 0.84.



On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 5:34 AM, NoiseEHC <> wrote:
>> I hope this anwers your question,
>>    Simon
> Unfortunately it does not. What I wanted to know whether I will be able
> to use the latest Sugar on my XO-1 ever. It boots the kernel with 802 so
> it is a working Linux distribution. If somehow I copy the latest Sugar
> over the old Sugar (0.82 I think) will it work? If it does not work then
> will anybody port it? What I see is that OLPC has very few developers so
> probably this porting work will be out of question but will Sugar people
> make any effort or would it be just wasting their time where the XO-1.5
> is almost finished?
> ps:
> If overwriting the old Sugar works on an XO-1 then an unzippable
> "distribution" what could be applied to 802 would be just fine...
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