On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 12:10 PM, Bernie Innocenti <ber...@codewiz.org> wrote:
> Openbox, the window manager used by LXDE and other desktops, is only
> slightly cheaper: 7.5MB RSS.
> IMHO, not worth the pain of being out of the mainstream.

matchbox, according to ps_mem.py is 2.5MiB (private) + 430.5
MiB(shared) with Browse.xo and Terminal.xo open on my development XO
after 3 days uptime.

'top' says 9644 RSS, 5436 Res, but the more I use the smap data
(parsed by ps_mem.py) the less I trust top's readings :-/

Perhaps it'd be better to get numbers with ps_mem.py ;-)

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