I'd just like to be able to find ONE place to go to that would list the correct 
of each activity FOR EACH RELEASE OF THE PLATFORM.  Knowing that version 554
of stump-the-wumpus is the latest does me no good if I need a version no newer 
than 357
in order to run it under 8.2.1 on my XO.  Since SugarLabs seems to be intent on 
running a
few miles ahead of OLPC, having SL keep the list is counterproductive for XO-1 

And wherever the list is kept, KEEP IT CORRECT, PLEASE!  For some value of 
"Activities/G1G1/8.2.1" should be the place for a G1G1 user to go to for the 
best version
of activities that will run under 8.2.1.  Not the list of G1G1 activities that 
now have been
updated to run only with Sugar 0.84 or later.  Otherwise somebody's going to 
get a lot of
support requests as G1G1 users update their machines.

IMO, Activities/All is hopeless -- the author rarely even says what build he 
has tested the
activity under and there's no provision for the software update utility to 
determine if the
activity is intended for the platform on which it is being installed.  So 
anybody doing a
"get latest" from that repository without having first read the description 
carefully is asking
for trouble.

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