Am Montag, den 25.05.2009, 12:17 +0200 schrieb Bernie Innocenti: 
> [cc += cwickert]
> On 05/25/09 12:10, Bernie Innocenti wrote:
> > On 05/25/09 11:19, Martin Langhoff wrote:
> >> On Sat, May 23, 2009 at 7:30 PM, Bernie Innocenti <> 
> >> wrote:
> >>> The only thing I didn't like very much is memory usage: 21MB VIRT, 10MB
> >>> RSS.  But I suppose we can't do much about it.
> >>
> >> Ugh. That's a ton for a wm :-( Are there alternatives that "fit" better?
> > 
> > Openbox, the window manager used by LXDE and other desktops, is only
> > slightly cheaper: 7.5MB RSS.
> Oops, I just realized I was measuring on x86_64, so that was an unfair
> comparison after all.  So Openbox's RSS on x86 is probably a good
> saving, if someone is interested in experimenting with it.
> Christoph Wickert has been working on making LXDE from Fedora available
> for the OLPC XO images.  Perhaps he'd like to give it a shot?

That was my plan. 

Sorry for not popping in earlier, I have just subscribed to this list
after receiving Bernie's message.

Basically it should not be to hard to get Openbox working: 
      * Window decoration can be turned of. I guess this is what we want
        for most windows. 
      * Supports window matching rules: 
        default windows -> fullscreen + no decoration 
        dialogs -> centered, on top, ... 
      * I already have the OLPC specific keyboard shortcuts from the
        work I did with LXDE
      * It can be started with different config files

I'm going to work on this, help and comments welcome.


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