>>> That's why people are barking at the wrong tree when they say that
>>> Sugar developers should port Sugar to whatever system. The skills
>>> involved are very different from upstream work and if coders are not
>>> coding we won't have anything new to ship.
>> If barking ever applies me to please let me know. My intention is to
>> have usable contributions to our project.
> I was referring to some people that tried to put more pressure on
> Sugar Labs by saying that we had "abandoned" the OLPC platform. It's
> hard, but IMO a big part of our work is making people understand that
> this is an open project and that everyone has the capacity to
> contribute, so instead of complaining people should be able to get
> their hards dirty and do their bit.
> Regards,
> Tomeu

I want to highlight Tomeu's words. There is no "them" or "they"! In 
general - people should ask themselves what they can contribute to Sugar 
Labs - not the other way around. And many people are doing that already 
in various ways. Please keep on that path.

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