1. User:Marten refers to me
2. my public_key is in User:Marten
3. I am on Activity Team/Contacts (I was not sure to me add meself)
4. For the people that don't know me yet

Hi I am Marten, I live in Leiden, The Netherland. I have a girlfiend,
two kids (2,5 and 4,7 years). I was a physiotherapist and occupational
therapist before became a unix and net sysadmin. I run a XO-repaering
service and organize a camp. I may have noticed my English brake every
comple of lines. I have dyslexia, pls try to read want I mean. (In a way
you lucky my Dutch is worse.)  

pls read more

>From here as a non-developer I seem to really get lost.
To not scare non-tech people I would:
- move Community Task more up
- create 5 simple tasks than can do done repetitive: 
 - download,burn,boot,give feedback
 - hardware reports
 - documentation for BIOS in cd-rom and usbdrive 
 - reviewing Activities 
 - writing instruction-sets/PR-materials ?
 - Roadmaps for LocalSugarLabs (creating UserBase)

Can I shuffle a bit on the TODO list to make more easy for new coming


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