James Zaki writes:

> Understanding hierarchical file structures use the concepts of containers
> and recursion with no limits (except for total capacity). It is not
> naturally intuitive, like a tree where branches get smaller from the trunk
> with fruit/leaves only at the end nodes.
> Empirically I've seen many new people approach computers (non-tech
> elder-relatives included), and hierarchical structures are not initially
> utilised. It was a secondary focus that had to be learnt out of necessity.

Perhaps the concept is easier to learn as a child. If you've gone
many decades without it ("non-tech elder relatives") and gotten set
in your ways, you may be at a disadvantage.

Let's not leave the next generation at a disadvantage too.

> Perhaps an activity/game could be made that teaches the concepts
> of a hierarchical file structure.

That won't get enough use. Learning to deal with the general features
of modern computing is much of the reason why the XO even exists, yet
the children are denied the opportunity to learn about directories.
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