On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 10:26 AM, Benjamin M.
Schwartz<bmsch...@fas.harvard.edu> wrote:
> Albert Cahalan wrote:
>> Benjamin M. Schwartz writes:
>>> I am trying to create a sugar activity that wraps a
>>> simple X application.
>> Have you tried using the sugarize code? If it fails,
>> let me know how. You really shouldn't need Python to
>> wrap a simple X application.
> Good point.  I'd forgotten about sugarize, and I'll take another look at
> it.  However, as noted in the original e-mail.  I'm trying to wrap a
> simple application in a complicated way, using the presence service and
> telepathy, so it's not as easy as a direct launch.

Let's consider it a bug that this requires any extra effort.

Can somebody fix Sugar? Can I add another hack to sugarize?
(ideally Sugar would not need anything abnormal)
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