On 10 Sep 2009, at 12:01, Aleksey Lim wrote:

On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 12:54:48PM +0200, Simon Schampijer wrote:

currently the ColorButton is not fully clear in it's behavior (see
http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/388). Click outside the palette to close it etc. Benjamin suggested to have an ok/cancel button to make the end
of the selection clear http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/388#comment:7

Do others agree? Other thoughts?

Another option is that picker should contain only predefined
colors(and maybe one custom) by default and having
click-to-close behaviour. Then if users want to make(change) custom
color, they click "add.."(or so) button and palette opens right panel
and click on predefined color will just change custom color.

btw having select-to-close behavior(at least by default) we will keep
things consistent, e.g. to select suboptions from palette menus, user
needs only one click.

Is it possible to emit the colour change event as soon as a colour is clicked? Or, perhaps emit as soon as the mouse leaves the palette area?

I tried some quick mockups, the OK/Cancel doesn't feel very Sugar UI like (no other palettes use this behaviour). The click a colour to dismiss, with the addition of a 'custom colour' icon seems more natural, but looses a current nice feature where by you can pick a preset colour, see the sliders move, and then adjust them if you want to tweak. It also seems a little odd seeing both the toolbar icon and the custom icon changing colour at same time (see attachment below), though I guess in this case the toolbar icon could only change once you make a choice (and as you move a cursor around a document with colours).

Anyway, all this makes me think that solving the issue by emitting colour change events early (i.e. not just when palette closes) would be a cleaner solution (more like a bug fix for a current unintended behaviour rather than redesigning an already good UI to avoid it).


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