On Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 12:15:16PM -0400, Art Hunkins wrote:
> As the reporter of the above "bug", and with regard to (1) below: I'm
> very disappointed that the Restart option has been dropped.

As the author of the patch to drop it ... this was done as part a fix to
bug #1206.

> It would be helpful, I think, for feedback to be solicited on this
> list (and possibly others) before *features are removed* and not
> replaced by something comparable.

Feedback was solicited ... there was discussion.

You mention that you used this function when importing activities ...
what does importing activites mean?  This wasn't something I considered
when I removed the option.  Perhaps Sugar needs a way to notice an
imported activity instead of restart.

If the Control/Alt/Backspace workaround doesn't work for you, perhaps that
is a problem that could be addressed.  From your followup posting it
seems SoaS responds to termination of X server in a different way than
does the XO builds.

James Cameron
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