Sorry; apparently I just completely missed the discussion (possibly just 
didn't catch what was being discussed).

IIRC, the XO-1 and SoaS work differently when either downloading Activities, 
or copying them via USB. (I'm forgetting now whether it's one or the other 
or both.) In any case, the XO-1 registers them to the list immediately, 
whereas on SoaS, a reboot is required for the new Activities to appear.

It certainly would be nice for SoaS to act like the XO-1 in this regard.

And, yes, the X-server indeed seems to terminate (via error - several 
messages sometimes appear on the screen) differently on SoaS from on the 
XO-1. Would again be helpful to address.

FWIW, Soas Strawberry does not reboot on the XO-1 either (you are left with 
a blank screen).

Incidentally, all my SoaS work is done with an actual USB stick created with 
the Live USB Creator Fedora utility (on my Windows XP machine) following 
download of an SoaS .iso file - usually Strawberry. I try to keep it simple.

I don't really know which, if any, of the behaviors I'm observing qualify as 
"bugs", and I certainly don't want to bother you Sugar developers with 
frivilous complaints - or simply things I'm confused about.

If there are any real bugs or feature requests here that should be 
made/reported, just let me know.

Art Hunkins

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> On Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 12:15:16PM -0400, Art Hunkins wrote:
>> As the reporter of the above "bug", and with regard to (1) below: I'm
>> very disappointed that the Restart option has been dropped.
> As the author of the patch to drop it ... this was done as part a fix to
> bug #1206.
>> It would be helpful, I think, for feedback to be solicited on this
>> list (and possibly others) before *features are removed* and not
>> replaced by something comparable.
> Feedback was solicited ... there was discussion.
> You mention that you used this function when importing activities ...
> what does importing activites mean?  This wasn't something I considered
> when I removed the option.  Perhaps Sugar needs a way to notice an
> imported activity instead of restart.
> If the Control/Alt/Backspace workaround doesn't work for you, perhaps that
> is a problem that could be addressed.  From your followup posting it
> seems SoaS responds to termination of X server in a different way than
> does the XO builds.
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> James Cameron

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