> There are two kinds of delay. Type 1 is stuff like drop-down menus
> that remain even if the mouse briefly goes out of bounds. This kind
> of delay normally doesn't waste a nanosecond of the user's time.
> Type 2 is stuff like start-up animations, sliding menus, and these
> delayed menus. Type 2 is in the critical path of user interaction.
> It's normally a source of frustration, permanently preventing users
> from becoming efficient.

The second delay is not only slow, but non-intuitive. I've failed to
discover that functionality myself until someone told me about it. :(

I think, that if the first delay shows only info (a tag, description, or
whatever), and the second one (which for an extra dash of frustration
might exist or not) adds the interaction, it would not harm to simply
show both together in just one small delay.

That way it is easy to use and non obtrusive.

My two cents.

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