Dear Sucrose Maintainers,

please provide source tarballs for the Sucrose 0.87.4 unstable release 
[1] by the end of the 15th of February 2010 and announce them as 
explained at [2].

We have a UI Freeze on Monday. Any UI changes including the Features 
needs to be made by Monday. Major UI revisions or changes must be done 
before this date. You can still make string changes (e.g. changing a 
sentence in a window) before the String Freeze.

This encourages developers to focus on stability and bug-fixing rather 
than UI changes. At this point, documentation writers do not have to 
worry that their work will become outdated.

If you really need to do an UI change you have to ask an exception from 
the release team and must notify the documentation team when accepted.


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