Hi Satyarth,

Thanks for your interest on this project.
I will be the mentor for this, fill free to exchange with me by mail or on
Technically, a good start is to do the Sugarizer tutorial [1]. Regarding
features, an inspiration is LearningApps [2].

Best regards.


[1] https://github.com/llaske/sugarizer/blob/dev/docs/tutorial.md
[2] https://learningapps.org/

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> Hi,
> I am Satyarth Ojha, a Junior year student at Birla Institute of Technology,
> India. The Sugarizer Exercisor Activity project has caught my attention and
> I am interested in discussing the exact details of the requirements and how
> can I get started with the contribution regarding the same. I would really
> appreciate some guidance.
> Thank You!!
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