Hello Rishabh !

I’m glad you’re interested in Sugar Labs and the Sugarizer School Box !

1) I think that the Pi will be able to handle the load, we won’t have that much 
kids connected to the same Pi and the networking process is not that heavy.
We should try to launch the server in background and display a web browser in 
foreground. If the load is too high we will see it quickly.

2) Yes, you’re right, the Pi should provide a Wifi AP to allow devices to 
connect. This AP should bring routing from Ethernet if connected.

3) Everything is possible, Ansible is a great tool. Combined with Terraform and 
Packer we should be allowed to deploy things without having troubles handling 
multiple cloud providers.
The installation script could be performed using simple bash and docker.

4) I think you can start thinking on your proposal. You can continue to discuss 
with us to talk about the project but also the community and the impact of that 

Cheers !
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