Hi Prakash,

The latest version of the Scratch for Sugarizer repos are here
https://github.com/llaske/Scratch.activity and here:
The idea of the integration is to include the full Scratch GUI into the
Sugarizer standard Activity Template. Then few ReactJS Sugarizer containers
and components are added in the Scratch GUI (hidden in the menu) to handle
storage in datastore and retrieving of assets offline.

If you're interested to learn more about writing Sugarizer activity with
ReactJS, I suggest you to study another Sugarizer activity written with
ReactJS, Exerciser. You could find the repo here:

Hope it helps.



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> Subject: [Sugar-devel] About Scratch.activity
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> Hey, hope you all are doing well,
> I was reading about Scratch.activity.
> I know scratch 3.0
> from MIT was integrated in sugarizer to form Scratch.activity.
> https://github.com/EmilyOng/Scratch.activity
> Has scratch 3.0 ui (https://github.com/LLK/scratch-gui)
> Which was in react, integrated to sugarizer web activity.
> I have read about on the Emily's scratch activity repo's readme file about
> how she integrated the scratch -gui but still I didn't understand the
> process quite well.
> It would be nice if somebody tell me about the integration . How the react
> app was Integrated to sugarizer web activity?
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