Hey everyone,
Today, I had the 18th meeting related to the "Sugarizer Vue.js UI" GSOC'22
project with Lionel Laske.

Tasks I was working on:

   - Task #1: To complete writing documentation for these newly written
   - Task #2: To integrate the `password.js` component.
   - Task #3: To write testing for the `password.js` component.

Problems experienced:

   - Task #1: Pending! Faced a problem with `.js` files of Vue than using
   `.vue` files for the styleGuide plugin, so we switched to using js-doc for
   - Task #2: Completed.
   - Task #3: Completed methods testing, working on improving line coverage.

Tasks of this week:

   - Task #1: Complete writing documentation for these newly written
   components using js-doc.
   - Task #2: Complete line coverage of `password.js`.
   - Task #3: Integrate the `dialog.js` component.

The next meeting is scheduled for next week on Monday(13h30 UTC)

Saumya Kushwaha
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