Hello mentors,
I am Kashyap Rishi currently in my second year pursuing Computer Science
and Engineering from IIIT Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. I am very much
interested in contributing to the sugar labs music block repo as it meets
all  the skills required.  I am very much familiar with MERN stack and also
worked with sass and  ejs.

I am very much keen to contribute to your project for GSOC 2023. Please
guide me with good first issues so that I can work on it to fix that.

I have cloned your repo replacing python command with python3 as python is
default and currently not working on my machine. It is much better to
replace or add python3 in the script section of package.json.

 Hope you will allow me to contribute and guide me as I am very much
willing to contribute.

Thank You,
 Kashyap Rishi
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