Dear Sugar Labs community,
I wanted to share a summary of our 2nd meeting about the project.

## Tasks from the Past Week
1) PR for Chart Activity
2) Font Palette
3) Pie Chart with labels
4) Started working on localization.
- Extracted all the localized string to locale.ini
    - Tested localized strings for en/fr/er
5) Improved title css for multi line Tutorial title
6) Enhanced zero tick visibility for negative charts.

## Difficulties Encountered
1) I faced difficulty in creating pie chart labels in Chart.js. Then I used
a plugin called chartjs-labels(~9kb) instead of painting labels on the
canvas myself.

## Tasks for Next Week
Task1: Improve pie chart gradient colors to match with original activity.
Task2: Complete Localization and activity Tutorial.
Task3: Feature to Export/Import CSV files to make charts.
Task4: Starter screen with some labels/values for the activity.

## Next Meeting
Thursday 1st June19H30 UTC.

Best regards,
Utkarsh Siddhpura
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