Hello Sugar people,

Following is the summary from Friday's meeting with Ibiam and Sourabha.

Cell Activity


   Encountered a problem with the game's functionality. Ibiam said to look
   into the issue and update via email.

Text-Dungeon Activity


   It's advised to submit changes as a pull request in draft mode, instead
   of working on them locally.

   The creation of a .json generator for the map files was suggested.

Draft PRs


   As it was said for text dungeon, rather than making alterations locally
   or on my personal GitHub, it's more beneficial to submit a pull request in
   draft mode. This enables proposal of changes during development and
   exploration of varied approaches to a problem, allowing code adjustments
   along the way.

Flappy - Small Commits


   It was recommended to create several commits representing specific code
   changes, instead of one extensive commit. This enables the reviewer and
   people in the future to understand the code and possible issues with it
   much easier.

Focus on One Activity


   It was suggested to concentrate on modifying and pull requesting one
   activity at a time to avoid spreading myself thin, and not making progress
   as a result.

   However, changes already made locally should be pushed.

Finally, the use of .gitignore was suggested.

Next Meeting is proposed for the upcoming Friday, thank you!

Best wishes,

Dimitris Mylonas
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