On Sat, Aug 12, 2023 at 04:33:00PM +0200, Dimitris20Cen wrote:
> Text Dungeon:
> -   Licensing concerns:
> -   As text dungeon is an existing activity, its licensing process is
> intricate.

Actually, the license is correctly defined as GPLv2+ in the metadata, the 
COPYING file is properly present, and two of the three Python source files have 
the correct license declaration with valid copyrights.  There's no problem with 
licensing of the existing activity, as at f7f53e2 ("Deanglify links to 
help.sugarlabs.org") on the master branch.

> -   Apart from licensing issues, the project is ready for release, if no 
> other issues come up.

What you are referring to here is your wholesale replacement for the activity, 
which is in the pull request yet to be merged.

I'd like wider consultation on this.  Would other developers please review the 
pull request and comments and give their opinion?  The key issue is that the 
entire source code is removed and replaced; which we would normally handle by 
adding a new activity repository with the new source code, with a new activity 


Also, the existing issues have not been specifically addressed; presumably they 
are all fixed?
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