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> Dear Music Blocks Community,
> I hope this email finds you well. My name is Ritika Kumari, and I am an
> aspiring participant in the Google Summer of Code 2024 program. I am
> particularly interested in the project idea titled "Make your own Lesson
> Plan for Music Blocks" and I am eager to learn more about the specifics of
> the project.
> Firstly, I would like to inquire about the choice of a Large Language
> Model (LLM) for this project. Could you kindly provide information on which
> LLM model is proposed for use in developing the Music Blocks Lesson Plan
> Generator? Knowing the model's key aspects helps me prepare and familiarize
> myself with the necessary tools and techniques.
> I don't have any specific models in mind to start, but in keeping with the
FOSS nature of Sugar Labs and MB, we should use open models.

> Additionally, I would like to know more about the API key required for the
> project. Could you please clarify how and where participants will obtain
> the API key? Will it be provided by the project mentors or should
> participants take steps to acquire it independently?

Not sure what API key you are referring to.

> I am thrilled about contributing to an AI-driven solution that converts
> Music Blocks projects into lesson plans. The idea of utilizing a Large
> Language Model to generate the initial draft of a lesson plan is
> intriguing, and I am keen to explore the technical aspects involved.
> Thank you for your time and assistance. I look forward to your response
> and any additional information you can provide regarding the project.
> Best regards,
> Ritika Kumari
> Email : rkjane...@gmail.com
> Matrix ID : @ritika133:matrix.org
> LinkedIn : www.linkedin.com/in/ritika-kumari-b15b95289
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