I managed to make getiabooks work pretty well on Python3 and fix a bug
where the book list table was disabled during downloads and not
re-enabled if the download failed. I also got rid of some cruft where the
Activity supported two different versions of the toolbar. The only thing I
was unable to fix was getting the Activity to stop saving Journal entries
for itself when it closes. I had code to prevent that which does not work

In any case, it is an improvement over the broken current version and can
be published, in my opinion.

I also managed to get my Activity sugar-commander working with Python 3 but
I would need to be a contributor to update that repository,

I may try to update the Get Books Activity when I have time. It is
currently broken. I won't ask for contributor access until I have something
to release.

I have not done any Activity maintenance for years, but I got back into it
because I had an old desktop computer running Fedora 39 to give away and a
bright eight year old boy who wanted it. He came by on Friday to pick it
up. I think he was impressed.

James Simmons
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