> Hello all!
>  My name is LeGardye and I am very excited and eager to contribute to the
> "Improve Fedora Android App - UI/UX Research and Design" project. I am a
> psychology major graduating next spring and I am starting my journey into
> the field of User Experience Design! Cognitive psychology and the why's and
> how's of user experience are where my passion lies.  My strengths are user
> testing/research, and user centered design process. I am looking forward to
> contributing with you all and good luck on your journey :)
> Kind regards,
>  LeGardye

Hi LeGardye,

I saw your comment on the issue.I will be reviewing it soon.Till then you can 
go through the repository[1] and sneak into issues and try to setup the project 
on your system. Feel free to ask questions. Would be looking forward to see 
more contribution from you.

[1] https://pagure.io/Fedora-app

Kanika  (a2batic) 
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