> Hi Everyone!
> I am interested in contributing to Fedora Android App and design in general
> at Fedora, as a UI/UX Designer.

Hi Abhishek,

Welcome to mailing list.

> I'm a digital creative currently majoring in Information Technology (with
> minor in Human-Computer Interaction). My interest lies in product design
> and user research but I don't mind banging lines of code to build stuff. You
> can view my portfolio here <http://www.thelittlewonder.co> or check
> out my shots
> on Dribbble <https://dribbble.com/thelittlewonder>;.
> <https://dribbble.com/thelittlewonder>
> I have decided to dedicate the summer to Fedora's Android App Redesign and
> integration (Improve Fedora Android App GSoC'18 Project
> <https://docs.fedoraproject.org/mentored-projects/gsoc/2018/ideas.html#imp...>).
> However, I have some Doubts for the mentors (đŸ‘‹Sumantro and Kanika):
> - The project description talks about XML & Android but the codebase
> <https://github.com/sumantro93/Fedora-Community-App> is currently in
> Javascript (Ionic App). Will the application be ported over to android?
> - I am working on an App Critique and suggestions on the current design of
> the application, where should I be sharing that?

The reason why we chose to work with ionic is because ionic helps to create 
Hybrid apps ie. apps can be easily converted to Android, IOS without writing 
codes separately. Now we are planning to work with system cache, which can also 
be implemented though ionic. 

What do you feel we should convert it to java(android ) or ionic would work?

> - Are there any issues/problems I can work on as of now in order to make my
> GSoC application strong?

The repository link has been updated. You can go through the repository[1] and 
sneak into issues. Would be looking forward to see your contributions.

[1] https://pagure.io/Fedora-app
Kanika (a2batic)
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